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Tuition and Payment Policy

Annual Childcare Registration Fee: $50 per child
The registration fee will be collected on or before the child's first day of attendance and every January 1st thereafter. Registration fees will hold a child's place for a maximum of four weeks. This fee is non-refundable.

Tuition: a 5% discount will be given for the second child in each family - discount going towards the oldest child's tuition. This discount is for private paying clients only and is only applicable towards the cost of tuition.

Toddlers: 12 months - 35 months (or not toilet trained 36+)

Five full days/week, monthly              $750.00
Three days/week, monthly                $650.00
Two days/week, monthly                  $550.00

Preschool: 36 months and toilet trained - Kindergarten

Five full days/week, monthly           $700.00
Three days/week, monthly             $600.00
Two days/week, monthly               $500.00

School Age Children 1st grade and up:

Five full days/week, monthly         $660.00
Three days a week                       $555.00
AM or PM only                              $330.00